The Magazine for Everybody

Have you ever noticed how so often you pick up a magazine and there’s nothing inside that interests you? While a magazine on beauty, celebrities, mechanics or what’s happening on TV might interest some people, there will be many more that have no interest at all. While it is just great for the people that do have an interest, we think it would be better to have a magazine that anybody could pick up and find something that they find useful or interesting. Our intention is to bring a magazine that can be enjoyed by everybody whether you are young, old, rich or poor.

Lipgloss for beauty

We will be following the worlds of politics and showbiz, with the latest reviews and interviews from those at the very top. We will be bringing insights into making a beautiful home, to making beautiful meals. Ladies and men’s fashions, make-up and where to go at night. We will be covering the latest in science,  technology and nature as well as history and some nostalgic looks at how life used to be lived.

Home and Abroad.

We will be brining you columns and articles from writers close to you, and from countries around the world. Whether you would like to get an insight into how people from different cultures live their lives, or maybe get some hints and tips for an upcoming holiday, we hope to be bringing you pieces that will make for a fascinating read. Our contributors from overseas will also be bringing you great recipes and cooking instructions so that you can make your own authentic overseas cuisines from the comfort of your own home.

For those that are planning a holiday in the not too distant future, look out for our reviews on resorts and locations from our journalists in the field, and from contributions from our readers. We will be visiting some of the most popular tourist destinations, and a few off the beaten track, to bring you a variety of ideas on where to go.

Something for the Kids.

We will even have something for the kids, as well as something for the adult’s inner child. With plenty of fun, games and puzzles to keep you all entertained, Vans Magasin will help you to pass the time and also help to keep the kids occupied leaving the adults free to do other things. We will be bringing you competitions that will allow you to win some great prizes from gaming consoles, fashion accessories and even tickets to upcoming gigs and events. Watch out also for new and updates on live events that we will be bringing to a new location  somewhere near you soon.

We are putting together a team of people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all over the world so that we can continue to bring you varied information, stories and games so that we genuinely have something that is for everybody. Whether you are a young, bussing journalist that is looking to make yourself known, or an experienced writer with something to our magazine, we want to hear from you.