The Photographer that is helping elite London Escorts 24/7 to get ahead

Photography is a medium that can be incredibly powerful, with the right photo helping to send all the right messages and push all the right buttons. Some photographs are so poignant that they become immortalized and remain symbolic of a particular cause or struggle for many generations to come.  Photography can also be very powerful when it comes to marketing, with the right photo helping to sell a product in considerably higher numbers. It takes a great deal of experience and knowledge to get just the right photo though and it is no surprise that the most famous images are taken by professionals and not just amateurs.


One professional photographer in London is using her photography skills to help elite London escorts 24/7 to get ahead in their professional lives by helping them to attract more clients, and perhaps also to open new doors of opportunity for them. Laura has been working closely with London escorts for a few weeks now, and is helping to put together professional portfolios for them while also helping to tell a story of their lives and their experiences in the escort industry.

Helping Put Food on the Table.

As with most other people, an escort’s most immediate concern financially tends to be paying the bills and buying food. In an escort’s world, this means getting appointments and Laura helps with this first and foremost. Physical appearance is a very important part of escorting and Laura has been helping London escort’s to put together a profile that lets potential clients see at a glance just how beautiful the ladies really are. With bookings on the rise for the ladies that Laura is working with, it seems as though her portfolio has done the trick.

Since Laura’s portfolios have had a positive effect, the escorts have also agreed to allow Laura into their lives some more, taking photos of them while at work, or in their social lives. Laura hopes that her images will help to dispel myths about the escorting industry in general, while also helping the general public to better understand the industry and those that work in it. Some powerful images have been captured so far and will be compiled with others to help make a fascinating and revealing album.

Making Friends for Life.

Laura has told that it has been and pleasure working so closely with the ladies and feels honored to have been allowed into their personal lives. She feels that it has been an enlightening experience for her and also hopes that some of the friendship that she has formed will continue long into the future. She still has some time remaining on her current project with the escorts at PalaceVIP is finished and is not looking forward to when it comes to an end.

Jennifer Balcom Photography will be bringing you images and albums of Laura’s work as she releases it. It promises to be a revealing and fascinating project, and also a showpiece of just how powerful a photograph can really be.