Amazing Fashion and Beauty Trends for 2018

With the White House mayhem reaching a crescendo and global uncertainty, renowned designers from Paris and New York did what they do best. Converting the runways into a welcoming abode for a much-needed dose of escapism. According to fashion experts, people are likely to travel to destinations like the Atacama Desert, Morocco, and Dubai. In lieu of this, they will prefer diet-friendly foods to keep in shape. So designers need to know beforehand what will suit their clients’ needs best.

In fashion and beauty, a new year means the start of another calendar with all the updated cosmetics and revamped wardrobe. Just as the runways displayed what is expected in spring 2018, similarly for beauty, there were new trends for skincare and make u products that would catch traction towards the end of the year. Below is a rundown of the trends to look out for.

Checkered Prints

Checkered prints or Tartans are making a big come back this year. Trousers, jackets, or oversized shirts are taking are taking fashion to greater heights as it recalls the anti-fashion period of the 90s. At Balenciaga, there was an array of fashion statements. The renowned designer Victoria Beckham applied a classic print to her signature tailored dress. There was an instance of where checkered utilitarian pieces were paired with garments inspired by art.

Going the Japanese way Again

In the fall of 2016 to 2017, it was all about hoarding Korean cosmetics. In 2018, we’re going to experience the return of Japanese cosmetics and makeup. This year, there is the fascination for labels like Kanebo, Shiseido, and Kate Tokyo that provides a more natural-looking colour palate. All savvy fashion enthusiasts would like to have a polished and clear skin in 2018. When it comes to combating age and perfecting complexion, trust the Japanese cosmetic companies.

Fringe Benefits

When a fringe is used as a subtle trim or it’s applied on a cocktail dress, it immediately takes you back to your 20s. Raf Simmons who is Calvin Klein’s Creative Director knows nothing ensembling short of a crimson fringe cocktail number held together by a net. As for Dior, they took the opposite direction fraying an unending tweed skirt to match with a denim jacket and classic white shirt.

Fashion is a cliché but 2018, the designers have gone a notch higher with every detail. Makeup tutorials for 2018 are straightforward. Right from well-groomed brows and punctuate the look with a glossy red lip.